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메타버스·랜드 지역 독점 운영권 블록체인 with Blockchain

지역 독점 운영권(BLOCKCHAIN)을 선점하고 그 가치를 키우세요!

You can own virtual real estate, buy and sell products, and enjoy everything like advertising,
eSports (fantasy games), and performances on the
You can make your dreams come true on the in various forms of artists,
athletes, building owners, and influencers who you dreamed in real life.

Metaverse market size and prospects

The metaverse market, which currently
stands at 84 Billion USD, is expected to grow
explosively to reach 1,428 Billion USD by 2030.

Trend of growth in revenue of
global eSports

Newzoo, a media specializing in data in the e-sports market, estimated that the global e-sports market size
reached $1.1 billion as of February 2020, which is a 15.7% increase from 2019.

Expanding service (profit model)
according to traffic inflow

  • STEP1

    Selling Items

    Sell NFT items, etc. in the metaverse

  • STEP2


    Advertise in any space that was impossible in reality
    ex) The sky, the entire exterior wall of the building, characters, etc.

  • STEP3

    Concert, performance, class / remote business

    Seamless remote communication for education and
    business without time and space constraints

  • STEP4

    eSports game (fanatasy game) revenue, e-commerce,
    and fees for creative content operation Competitiveness

Together with the core engineers of MMORPG development and service experience management!

Establishment of cooperative system
with MMORPG development team

As a team that has worked with core
engineers in MMORPG development, we have already had
sufficient experience and knowledge in metaverse
development as we had implemented high-level
technologies such as multi-access, fast communication
speed, and engine optimization.

Blockchain (MTC)

Through blockchain technology, transparency of
transactions such as security and e-economic activities
can be secured, and ownership of digital assets including
NFT (Non-Fungible Token) can be proven

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